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just some small lil shit ;)

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just some small lil shit ;)

Post by JeTTiX on Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:24 pm

;All vehicles get destroyed
;WARNING:Noobs get so fukin pissed
;PPL Die when they Shoot
;All Credit to KyZzLe and Oby1Chick
0x007E7F08 0x769BEAD1
0x007E7F44 0x769BEAD1
0x007E86CC 0x769BEAD1
0x007E6E58 0x769BEAD1
0x007DFC04 0x769BEAD1
0x007E188C 0x769BEAD1
0x007E06E4 0x769BEAD1
0x007E2418 0x769BEAD1
0x007E85A0 0x769BEAD1
0x007E8624 0x769BEAD1
0x007E7F68 0x769BEAD1
0x007E863C 0x769BEAD1
0x007E7F5C 0x769BEAD1
0x007E9740 0x769BEAD1
0x007E605C 0x769BEAD1
0x007DF38C 0x769BEAD1
0x007DF2F0 0x769BEAD1
0x007E90AC 0x769BEAD1
0x007DDDC0 0x769BEAD1
0x007DDB50 0x769BEAD1
0x007DDB68 0x769BEAD1
0x007E6D8C 0x769BEAD1
0x007E7B78 0x769BEAD1
0x007E73EC 0x769BEAD1
0x007DDE80 0x769BEAD1
0x007DDE08 0x769BEAD1
0x007DDE38 0x769BEAD1
0x007E6DBC 0x769BEAD1
0x007E8B7C 0x769BEAD1
0x007E8C00 0x769BEAD1

#WTF v2
;FuKs Up uR ScreeN
0x002EE268 0x3F600000
0x002ED190 0x00000600
0x002ED194 0x40800000
0x002EE250 0x54440000
0x002ED198 0x40800000
0x002EB508 0x46200000
0x002EB568 0x43340000
0x002EB560 0x00000005
0x002EB5D4 0x0000FFFF

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

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Re: just some small lil shit ;)

Post by QueeNie on Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:37 pm

O.O, nice! Very Happy

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