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RecodDroid\turret codes [ULUS-10292]

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RecodDroidturret codes [ULUS-10292]

Post by JeTTiX on Sat Jul 28, 2012 6:36 pm


#Intelligent guided droids <-----------MUST HAVE Very Happy
;Guided droids go automaticely to fight
,You don't need to guide them
;But they are stupid sometimes
0x007E5A4C 0x00000006

#Turret/Recondroid fire Beams
;Epic XD
0x007e8be8 0xf303830d

#Turret/Recondroid fire invisible bullets
0x007e8be8 0x25c390ed

#Turrets/Droids Shoot Health & Amo
;They basically turn into health & ammo driods
0x007E8BE8 0x3622332A

#Turrets & Droids Rockets Follow
;Supernova & ECR Corps
;Rockets follow
0x007E8BE8 0xC8D346D4

#Freezing Turrets & Droids
;Bullet Change
0x007E8BE8 0x084AFBE2

#Turrets & Droids Snipe people
;Place a auto turret and see
0x007E8BE8 0xADD366EA

#Recon droid health
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x0031bc84 0x7f800000
0x0031bc88 0x7f800000

a lil extra some of mah shotgun codes enjoy Very Happy

#Shotgun Mod
;primary weapon
;dont add the 0x
0x002DC5E8 332ce213
0x007E2BE0 0x7F800000

#True Shotgun
;realistic bullets
0x007E2BE0 0x69AC7B4C

#FlashBang Shotgun
0x007e2be0 0x21ea4a33
0x007fa078 0x7f800000
0x007fa084 0x7f800000
0x007fa078 0x7f800000
0x007fa084 0x7f800000
0x007fa084 0x7f800000
0x007e2be0 0xF303830d
0x007e2be0 0x21ea4a33
0x007e2Be0 0x21ea4a33
0x007fa084 0x7f800000

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Re: RecodDroid\turret codes [ULUS-10292]

Post by [HACK]thedarkknight on Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:28 am


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